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Steel Bar Grating

Steel Bar Grating, also known as Welded Steel Bar Grate is extremely strong and durable for all load bearing applications and is primarily used for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. Steel bar grating is available in a variety of bearing bar spacing and thicknesses depending on applications and load requirements. Available in either smooth top or serrated for slip resistance.
  • Specifications: 19W4, Carbon Steel, Painted Black 
  • Applications: Walkways, flooring, ramps, bridge flooring, trench and drainage covers, mezzanines, platforms, stair treads, etc. 
  • Workability: Easy to Weld, Cut, Form and Machine
  • Mechanical Properties: Tensile = 58,000 +/-,  Yield = 42,000 +/-
  • How is it Measured? bar thickness X bar height, Bearing bars run parallel to each other, the length of the panel. 
  • Available Stock Sizes: 3ft x 1ft, 3ft x 2ft, 3ft x 4ft, 3ft x 6ft, 3ft x 8ft, 3ft x 10ft, 3ft x 20ft or Cut to Size. Custom Sizes and configurations are also available - Stair Treads, Trench Covers, etc.
Ordering Note: Stock sizes may vary +/- 1/4"

* Also available: Galvanized Bar Grating, Aluminum Bar Grating and Stainless Steel Bar Grating.

Steel Bar Grating
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G1181 Steel Bar Grating - Black 1/8 x 1 - 19W4 SMOOTH - 3Ft Wide
G13161 Steel Bar Grating - Black 3/16 x 1 - 19W4 SMOOTH - 3Ft Wide
G13161S Steel Bar Grating - Black 3/16 x 1 - 19W4 SERRATED - 3Ft Wide
G1316114 Steel Bar Grating - Black 3/16 x 1-1/4 - 19W4 SMOOTH - 3Ft Wide
G1316114S Steel Bar Grating - Black 3/16 x 1-1/4 - 19W4 SERRATED - 3Ft Wide
G1316112 Steel Bar Grating - Black 3/16 x 1-1/2 - 19W4 SMOOTH - 3Ft Wide
G13162 Steel Bar Grating - Black 3/16 x 2 - 19W4 SMOOTH - 3Ft Wide